Can You Wash A Ceramic-Coated Car?

At Shineworks Detailing Studio, we understand that your vehicle isn’t just a mode of transportation; it’s a significant investment and a source of pride. That’s why we recommend ceramic coatings as an advanced protective layer for your car’s exterior. However, to maintain its protective qualities and aesthetic appeal, a ceramic-coated car requires proper washing techniques. Here’s our expert guide on how to do so effectively.

It is absolutely possible to wash a ceramic-coated car

Washing a car adorned with a ceramic coating is not only possible but also essential to ensure the coating’s durability and effectiveness over time. Unlike traditional car waxes or sealants that provide a temporary layer of protection, ceramic coatings create a robust and enduring shield on your vehicle’s paintwork. This necessitates regular and careful washing to maintain the protective layer in optimal condition.

Instructions for Washing Ceramic Coated Cars

Gather the right supplies

Before embarking on a ceramic-coated car wash, it is essential to assemble the appropriate tools for safe and effective cleaning. Equip yourself with anti-grit guards, a soft microfiber cloth, and high-quality, pH-neutral car wash soap to prevent dirt from returning during the washing process.

Can you wash a ceramic-coated car


Begin the cleaning process with a thorough pre-rinsing to remove dirt and debris from the surface. This step is very important to avoid scratches during the next wash.

Perform hand washing

Use the two-bucket washing method: one bucket filled with soapy water and one bucket filled with clean water to wash the gloves. Tackle the cleaning job one part at a time, avoiding the use of brushes or abrasive materials that can damage the ceramic coating.


Wash thoroughly and dry

After washing, give the car a final rinse to remove all the soap, as residual soap residue can reduce the hydrophobic properties of the ceramic coating. Next, use a clean, soft microfiber towel to dry your vehicle, an important step in preventing water stains and maintaining the shine of your ceramic-coated surface.

Avoid direct sunlight

Whenever possible, choose to wash your car in a shaded area. This precaution ensures a more controlled and efficient washing process by preventing premature drying of water and soap.

Frequency of Washing Your Ceramic-Coated Car

Recommended washing frequency for ceramic-coated cars varies based on a number of factors, including driving habits, local weather conditions and exposure to environmental pollutants. A general guideline is to wash your car every two weeks to monthly. This schedule helps prevent the buildup of environmental contaminants on surfaces. In harsh conditions, such as exposure to heavy rain, bird droppings or dust, more frequent washing may be necessary to prevent contaminant buildup.

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