ShineWorks Detailing Studio in Carrollton, TX takes pride in offering the best ceramic coating services, featuring advanced technology for a lasting, hydrophobic finish that keeps your vehicle looking pristine for years.


Ceramic coating for cars is a liquid polymer applied to the exterior of a vehicle, forming a protective layer over the paint. This coating is hydrophobic, making it easier to clean the car while protecting it from various environmental contaminants.


Ceramic coating has become increasingly popular in the automotive industry due to its numerous benefits for car owners. Here are some of the key advantages of applying ceramic coating to your car’s exterior:

Gloss and Shine

Experience ultimate gloss, depth, and shine with our Ceramic Coating service, providing your vehicle with a stunning finish and semi-permanent protection.


Our Ceramic Coating will safeguard your car from the environmental elements and maintains cleanliness for years to come.


Simplify your regular maintenance tasks with our professional ceramic coating service, ensuring your vehicle remains in pristine condition with minimal effort on your part.


ShineWorks Detailing Studio in Carrollton, Tx

Step 1:
Thorough Vehicle Inspection

We meticulously inspect your vehicle, identifying areas requiring attention and determining the optimal ceramic coating solution for maximum protection and visual enhancement.

Step 2:
Comprehensive Preparation

The vehicle undergoes a thorough cleaning, decontamination, and paint correction process, making sure all surfaces are free of dirt, grime, and imperfections before applying the ceramic coating.

Step 3:
Ceramic Coating Application

We then skillfully apply the chosen ceramic coating to your vehicle’s paint, trim, glass, and wheels, providing an even, durable layer of protection and a stunning finish.

ShineWorks Detailing Studio in Carrollton, Tx

Step 4:
Final Inspection and Curing

Upon completion, a final inspection verifies the quality of the ceramic coating application, followed by a proper curing process to guarantee long-lasting protection and a remarkable shine.


ShineWorks Detailing Studio in Carrollton, Tx

The Works Ultimate

Our Top Tier, All Inclusive Package
ShineWorks Detailing Studio in Carrollton, Tx

Ceramic Gold

Ceramic Express

Effective & Affordable


At ShineWorks Detailing Studio, we deliver a unique, personalized experience to every customer. With a relentless focus on quality and attention to detail, meaning that every ceramic coating job is performed to perfection. Unlike competitors who may rush through the process or lack expertise, we take the time to thoroughly inspect, clean, and prepare your vehicle before applying the ceramic coating. Our commitment to professionalism, innovation, and ethical behavior guarantees exceptional results and customer satisfaction. Additionally, ShineWorks offers a range of customizable coating upgrades to suit your vehicle’s needs and achieve the perfect balance of protection and aesthetics.

No, it does not! Ceramic Coatings do require a minimum of a once-a-year decontamination service (essentially a full exterior detail) to last and function properly. We recommend handwashing your vehicle only rather than going to an automatic car wash.

The longevity of a vehicle ceramic coating depends on the specific product used and the conditions your vehicle is exposed to. At ShineWorks Detailing Studio, we offer a range of coating upgrades with varying lifespans, starting from a 3-year base coating up to a 10-year option. Factors that can affect the durability of your ceramic coating include the quality of the application, the maintenance and care of your vehicle, and environmental variables such as weather, road conditions, and UV exposure. To achieve the longest-lasting results, it’s essential to choose a reputable professional like ShineWorks Detailing Studio, who delivers the highest quality ceramic coating application and provides expert advice on proper maintenance to keep your vehicle looking its best for years to come.

Give your vehicle the superior protection and shine it deserves by booking your ceramic coating service at ShineWorks Detailing Studio today! We are conveniently located at 2661 Midway Rd Ste 101a, Carrollton, TX 75006. Contact us at 972-695-9910 to book an appointment and experience the best in vehicle care!