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Paint repar involves fixing minor paint imperfections such as chips, scratches, and scuffs on a vehicle’s exterior. This process includes color-matching and blending techniques to ensure a seamless and flawless restoration of the vehicle’s original paintwork.

ShineWorks Detailing Studio in Carrollton, Tx


Paint repair for cars isn’t just about restoring beauty; it’s about unlocking a multitude of benefits that go beyond aesthetics.


Our commitment to quality and use of OEM touch up paint provides a durable and lasting repair, safeguarding your vehicle’s appearance and protecting your investment.

Resale Value

A well-maintained exterior can make your car stand out in a crowded used car market. It can also expedite the selling process, as potential buyers are more likely to be attracted to a vehicle that appears well-cared-for and in good condition.


Neglecting paint issues may lead to more extensive and costly repairs down the line, such as rust removal or complete repainting. By investing in paint repair when needed, you can prevent these larger expenses and meaning your car’s value remains intact.


ShineWorks Detailing Studio in Carrollton, Tx

Step 1:
Color Matching

Accurate color matching is performed to ensure a seamless blend with the vehicle’s existing paint, using OEM touch up paint for an optimal result.

ShineWorks Detailing Studio in Carrollton, Tx

Step 2:
Paint Layering

Multiple thin layers of paint are carefully applied to the scratched area, allowing each layer to dry completely, resulting in a smooth and even finish.

ShineWorks Detailing Studio in Carrollton, Tx

Step 3:
Protective Coating

Once the paint layers are dry, a protective clear coat is added to enhance durability and maintain the repair’s integrity and appearance over time.

ShineWorks Detailing Studio in Carrollton, Tx

Step 4:
Finishing Touches

The repaired area undergoes thorough wet sanding, buffing, and polishing for a smooth and seamless integration with the surrounding original paintwork, restoring the vehicle’s pristine look.


ShineWorks Detailing Studio in Carrollton, Tx


Rock Chip Repair
Starting at $60
ShineWorks Detailing Studio in Carrollton, Tx


Scratch Repair
Starting at $50
ShineWorks Detailing Studio in Carrollton, Tx


Paint Touch Up
Starting at $80


Paint Repair services at ShineWorks Detailing Studio are designed to address a wide variety of scratches and paint damage on your vehicle. However, the effectiveness of the repair depends on the depth and severity of the damage. For minor to moderate scratches, our service is an excellent choice, as it can effectively restore the appearance of your vehicle. In the case of deeper scratches, which may have penetrated through the paint layers and into the metal, additional repair methods might be necessary. We recommend consulting with us about your vehicle’s specific damage so that we can provide the most appropriate and effective solution for your needs.

At ShineWorks Detailing Studio, we strive for perfection in our Paint Repair services. We use OEM touch up paint to ensure the best possible color match with your vehicle’s original paint. Our professional techniques, including wet sanding, buffing, and polishing, aim to seamlessly blend the repaired area with the surrounding paintwork. While we make every effort to achieve a perfect match and invisible repair, there might be some very slight variations in appearance due to factors such as paint age, sun exposure, and the depth of the scratch. However, our attention to detail and commitment to quality means that the repair will be as close to perfect as possible.

The duration of the Paint Repair service depends on the severity of the damage and the size of the area being treated. At ShineWorks Detailing Studio, we work efficiently while maintaining our commitment to quality and attention to detail. Generally, the process could take anywhere from a few hours to a full day. Our goal is to that the repair is completed to the highest standard, leaving your vehicle with a flawless finish. To provide a more accurate time estimate, we recommend discussing the specifics of your vehicle’s damage with us during the booking process.

Let’s achieve a seamless look for your vehicle with Paint Repair Service at ShineWorks Detailing Studio, conveniently located at 2661 Midway Rd Ste 101a, Carrollton TX 75006. Our team will expertly repair paint imperfections, ensuring a flawless finish for your car. Don’t wait any longer, contact us at 972-695-9910 to book an appointment right now!